Our Story

MJL Digital Ltd was founded in January 2018 by Managing Director Martyn Locker.

Prior to starting out on this little venture, Martyn had over five years’ development experience working for the highest ranking agencies across Stoke-on-Trent, Derby and Nottingham – but couldn’t shake the feeling that the service being offered wasn’t the best it could be.

Having seen enough unhappy clients and under-delivering projects, Martyn founded MJL Digital with the personal commitment to ensure that every client receives the utmost level of satisfaction from the work that MJL Digital produces.

With minimal overheads and a team of talented freelancers working alongside our Director, we’re confident that our work will continue to live up to our clients’ lofty expectations.

Our Team

Martyn — Managing Director & Web Developer


Managing Director &
Web Developer

Martyn is in charge of the day-to-day running of MJL Digital, specialising in front-end web development and the WordPress content management platform.

Tyler — Photographer


& Designer

Tyler is an avid freelance photographer that provides stunning images of our clients' products, teams and workspaces, giving their websites a personal edge compared to competitors with stock photography.

Sam — Digital Marketing Specialist


Digital Marketing

Sam is a specialist when it comes to search engine optimisation and digital marketing, perfectly complementing the work that we do at MJL Digital. We work closely with his own agency Pyro Marketing to ensure our clients are found on the web.